Terra is an accomplished American high school senior photographer, who's travelled the world to settle her family here, in New Zealand.  She specializes in transforming senior portraits into an experience as unique as the seniors, themselves.

She has become very passionate about teens.  In her own youth, she lacked personal confidence and security about life's direction, as we all experience.  She states, "In photography, at each session, I noticed teens nervously arriving and by the end of the session, they were completely a different person, standing tall, confident and self-assured."  This is when she knew she needed to specialize in senior photography.

Terra achieves these results by spending extensive time, before and during the session, understanding your senior's passions and talents, bringing forth their personality through the camera and onto print.

Terra comes with personal accolades from the highest professional print laboratories throughout the United States.  These companies have all displayed her images on their products.  Many thousands of professional, world renowned and amateur photographers continue to view her work.